Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at MISHRA’S

1 Sep , 2016  


Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at MISHRA’S:

The festive season takes off with the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi. A ten day Hindu festival, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to honour the birthday of elephant headed Lord Ganesha.Popularly known as Vighnaharta, Lord Ganesha is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies so that everything goes well without any obstacles. It is widely celebrated throughout India, especially in Maharashtra.

MISHRA’S welcomes you warmly at this festive season to make your celebrations a special one. Drop down at MISHRA’S with your near and dear ones andenjoy the best assortment of cuisines. Also try your hands on the exciting new offers on the selected brands of liquor which will be a boost for your spirits. You will appreciate the warmth and hospitality of MISHRA’S.



Teacher’s Day celebrations at MISHRA’S

1 Sep , 2016  


Teacher’s Day celebrations at MISHRA’S:

Teachers are those important people who has a huge contribution in shaping up our lives. Teachers act as a guide for life, show the path towards success and enrich our personality by imparting ethical and academic knowledge. We spend half of our day with our teachers and our parents are also relaxed when their child is with their teachers. In India we celebrate 5th September as Teacher’s Day as a mark of appreciation of the teachers and their contributions to the society.

At MISHRA’S we respect and salute all the teachers for their hard work and dedication in shaping up a child’s life. So everyone out there, make your teachers feel special and loved. Come to MISHRA’S with your teachers and treat them at the most happening food joint in Kolkata. Your teachers will be delighted to have the delicious spread of cuisines and drinks. This would be the best way to thank your teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day


RakshaBandhan celebrations at MISHRA’S

11 Aug , 2016  


RakshaBandhan celebrations at MISHRA’S
The strong emotional bond between brothers and sisters is celebrated with a ritual called RakshaBandhan. On the day of RakshaBandhan, all the sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and pray for their well-being. In return, the brother promises to take care of their beloved sisters. This sweet ceremony is then taken forward with the exchange of gifts among the siblings.
Now its all the brother’s turn to make this special day more special for their darling sisters. And what better way than to treat them at one the finest place, MISHRA’S. With unlimited variety of food and drinks to choose from, your sisters will be overwhelmed by the hospitality at MISHRA’S. Siblings are the best friends for life as they have been there through thick and thin with the small fights over the last piece of chocolate and also the best friend to listen about your latest crush being all night awake and so on. Come to MISHRA’S and relish those priceless moments with your sisters.


Just Chill at MISHRA’S

22 Jul , 2016  


Just Chill at MISHRA’S

As the days passes by, our life seems somewhat monotonous. A routine life, deadlines, domestic issues, these are the common structures of everyday life. At times our lives are filled with boredom and nothing seems to inspire us anymore. This is the time to put a pause to this mundane life and do exciting things to rejuvenate yourself.

MISHRA’S is always there to pump up your spirits and overcome the dull buried life. Come with your friends and family and join the ever going party at MISHRA’S. Hosts of offers on drinks will keep your budget worries away. You will be delighted by the world class cuisines available at MISHRA’S. So just break free of your daily routine and live the awesomeness of life only at MISHRA’S.


Celebrate Women’s Day Out at MISHRA’S

9 Jul , 2016  


Women’s Day Out at MISHRA’S:

Women are the most significant element in a family. The importance of women in the society is uncountable. Single handedly she performs a full time job of being a housewife without any payroll or holidays. From cooking, cleaning the house, raising children and taking care of the whole family. But their contribution has always been taken for granted. Hence all the women out there should take a little time out for themselves and party out hard.

MISHRA’S is proud to welcome all the girls and women who is willing to chill out. Just drop all your worries and tensions behind and come to the ultimate hangout place in Kolkata. Get all our friends down at MISHRA’S and live the time of our life. At MISHRA’S you can select from unlimited deals on all types of liquor to sizzle up your party mood. The food served here will not only burst your hunger but also astonish you with the delicate taste of the cuisines. So don’t think any further, just be ready for your day out at MISHRA’S and let us serve the most beautiful slice of our life.


Celebrate this Father’s Day at MISHRA’S

13 Jun , 2016  

fathersday copy

Celebrate this Father’s Day at MISHRA’S
19th June’ 2016
Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of June. It honors all fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and father figures for their contribution. Fathers are said to be the pillar of the family. He works all his life to give a comfortable life to his family. Protects them from all negativities and evils. Their contribution is incomparable and unmatched.
It’s time to salute all the great fathers and their unconditional love for us.Just drop in at MISHRA’S with your beloved father and treat them with the exotic cuisines and excusive collection of drinks and wines. It is said that food tastes best when made with pure love and celebrated with family. MISHRA’S has the perfect blend of good food and comfortable ambience which will make your father feel special just the way you are special to him.
Have a special Father’s Day…


MISHRA’S for all seasons

24 May , 2016  


MISHRA’S for all seasons

As the rain God has finally smiled on us there is a sigh of relief on everyone’s face. Now it is the time to take a break and enjoy the lovely weather. It’s time again to catch up with buddies and celebrate.
MISHRA’S is a place where you can drop all your worries outside and relish the exotic array of food and drinks. Be it summers, winter or this beautiful pleasant weather, you can never go wrong with MISHRA’S. So don’t wait for tomorrow, just follow your heart and enjoy in the serene ambience of MISHRA’S along with the best tasting food and assortment of drinks you can have.


Chill out at MISHRA’S

12 May , 2016  


Currently the city of joy with scorching summer heat needs chilled Beer Party to smoothen your nerves.

Just drop yourself at MISHRA’S and have a chill out party. A well – stocked bar awaits you to lift up your spirits. You can choose from the unlimited beer brands or go for the exclusive collection of other varieties of alcohol. Non – drinkers need not worry as MISHRA’S has a variety of mocktails to choose from and authentic cuisines to satisfy your hunger. So it’s the time to chilling summer party at MISHRA’S.


May Day treat at MISHRA’S

22 Apr , 2016  


May Day treat at MISHRA’S:
In many countries 1st May is celebrated as a traditional springtime festival, but mainly as an international day honouring workers. In the late 19th century, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers’ Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International.
A special day for all the workers, on 1st May give a special treat to your employees, co – workers and even to yourself at MISHRA’S and make it memorable for them. It’s the day when the differences of hierarchy are wiped out and everyone celebrates. A day of celebration and what better way to do it in style at MISHRA’S. So give a pat on your back and raise a toast to yourself and just enjoy at the best party place in town.


Poila Baishakh party at MISHRA’S

5 Apr , 2016  


The traditional Indian New Year celebration is popularly known as ‘PoilaBaisakh’. It is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm & is celebration of rich harvesting of crops.
This New Year come together with friends and families and celebrate with MISHRA’S & enjoy delicious food, exclusive drinks, perfect ambience and lots of love, happiness and hope only at MISHRA’S. Perfect party place for all seasons, MISHRA’S has all the elements to make your celebration a memorable one.